HL7 Conformance

Today’s healthcare organizations are being challenged to manage and respond efficiently to multiple event notifications, alerts, and alarms.

IntelliSpace Event Management from Philips Emergin is a 510(k) FDA-cleared class II medical device that helps its customers manage critical communication and improve care team coordination by providing caregivers with clinically significant and/or actionable information on their communication devices, from patient and family requests to alerts. This solution integrates and leverages data from patient monitoring, nurse call, and clinical information systems—simplifying complex input and output to provide relevant alerts. Information is sent to the appropriate clinician, based on role and required skills.

With IntelliSpace Event Management, Release 10, healthcare organizations can better manage care team communication and improve care. This approach it enables the availability of meaningful information to caregivers where they need it, providing information in the right format at the right point of need—regardless of the caregiver’s location.

Benefits of a clinically focused alert management solution:

  • Improved care team coordination and patient care
  • Enhanced patient and family satisfaction
  • More efficient processes and workflows
  • Reduced costs
  • More satisfied clinicians